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NIT Admission in India

Aiming to create technically enable nation, the government of India has created National Institutes of Technology, Science Education and Research Act, 2007 under the Ministry of Education. The act lists 31 NITs across India and declared them as Institutions of National Importance. The National Institutes of Technology - NIT are the central government-owned-public technical higher education institutes in India. NITs are considered to be the best government regional engineering colleges after the IITs in India even before their upgrade to National Institutes of Technology - NIT. The language of instruction is English at all of the NITs. 

List of the 31 NITs in India 

1. NIT Tiruchirappalli
2. NIT Karnataka 
3. NIT Rourkela 
4. NIT Warangal 
5. NIT Calicut 
6. NIT Nagpur 
7. NIT Durgapur 
8. NIT Silchar 
9. NIT Jaipur 
10. NIT Allahabad 
11. NIT Kurukshetra 
12. NIT Jalandhar 
13. NIT Surat 
14. NIT Meghalaya 
15. NIT Patna 
16. NIT Raipur 
17. NIT Srinagar 
18. NIT Bhopal 
19. NIT Agartala 
20. NIT Goa 
21. NIT Jamshedpur 
22. NIT Manipur 
23. NIT Hamirpur 
24. NIT Uttarakhand 
25. NIT Puducherry 
26. NIT Arunachal 
27. NIT Sikkim 
28. NIT Delhi 
29. NIT Mizoram 
30. NIT Nagaland 
31. NIT Andhra Pradesh 

NIT Admission Process 
For undergraduate admission at NITs, Indian students must appear and qualify in the JEE Main Entrance Test. Those who have good ranks in JEE Main exam will have to attend counseling process to secure a seat at NITs. 

International students may get a seat at NITs through ICCR Scholarship Scheme, Study in India Admission Portal and Direct Admission of Students Abroad - DASA Scheme. If you have SAT score and IELTS / TOEFL score, you may apply directly to NITs.

Admission in India team is ready to assist you in getting admission at NITs across India. Please fill up the inquiry form and one of our expert team members will email you detail information. Please note our means of communication is only email.

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